Who we are

We’re a social enterprise with expertise in the education sector. If you’re in a leadership role, you’ll recognise that to participate in the competitive education landscape, today’s leaders need to effectively market their school’s strengths and achievements beyond the traditional means. The Education Agency has developed a number of award-winning PR and Marketing campaigns for forward-thinking schools. We’ve worked with education providers to develop transformational marketing plans which have improved communications, built the organisation’s community profile and helped schools become more profitable.


What makes us unique? 

The Education Agency began when our team of professional marketers and communications experts realised that agencies were taking an old fashioned approach when marketing schools and colleges. The more organisations we worked with the more we noticed the same marketing package was being recycled. There was little thought in the way of identifying each school’s unique proposition. When creating your school’s brand and communications strategy it is important to consider factors such as, location, values, subject strengths, audience profile or age category.

During your student recruitment drive, you must present your school or college as a trustworthy brand. This involved consistent messaging and quality, positive PR. By not being proactive you risk sending out the wrong message to parents and missing opportunities to attract potential funding partners and local community support.

We have an excellent catalogue of success stories from supporting schools and colleges through this process. This also means we are well aware of how time-poor everyone in these organisations are. So we have combined our knowledge, experience and skills across PR, Marketing, Design, Web Development, Communications, SEO and more to bring a well rounded solution to schools and colleges looking to grow their brand.

The Education Agency offers three effective packages which can be accessed depending on the level of external support which is required. All of our content is suitable for organisations of every size and type from small private schools to large city colleges and everything in between.

The Education Agency

We’re confident that with our resources you will see a boost in enrolment and retention figures, proving that vital return on investment. Transforming your school is easy when you know how, as we believe in a strategic approach to everything we do. We at The Education Agency, provide you with a passionate and professional service every step of the way. Our downloadable resources will give you the tools and knowledge you need to understand how to stay ahead of your competition in a crowded market and keep up with the needs of a changing audience.

To further its support to the education sector, The Education Agency supports charities, The National Literacy Trust and Brake.

Why would The Education Agency benefit my school?


Engage with prospective students  

It’s fundamental that you effectively communicate with prospective students. A strong engagement strategy builds presence and generates excitement around your school community.

Build a trustworthy brand and reputation

Building confidence in your school increases a sense of pride felt by staff, students, parents, governors and the community. Making your school a place students aspire to.

Communicating the correct message

Every newsletter, email or prospectus you send out is communicating a message and it’s crucial for your brand’s reputation to get that message right. We will make your marketing content work hard.

Stay relevant with staff, students and parents

Continually engage with different audiences and keep them up to date with news on a platform that they want to use.

Community support and staff recruitment

A positive and professional image will attract quality teaching staff, which in turn increases student success and generates further community support.

Maximise your return on investment

Building a successful brand using a well thought out marketing strategy will result in increased student enrolment figures, generate attention from potential funding partners and help with staff retention.


Why should schools and colleges promote themselves?

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of prospective college students believe schools should have a social media presence.
of high school students use social media to research schools
of internet users use search engines as their first source of information for higher education institutions
of users admit to making judgements about an organisation's credibility based on their website design