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The Education Agency is a social enterprise dedicated to helping and supporting schools and colleges to serve their own PR and Marketing.

The Education Agency understands that organisations are under increasing pressure around finances and the priority, of course, is to ensure that good quality teaching staff are retained, therefore budget cuts are being made in other areas. However, the challenge of attracting and retaining students and staff, whilst engaging with the community, updating the website, using social media correctly, and so on, still remains.

Offering a free or subscription based service, The Education Agency provides access to content and marketing resources that have been specially created by an experienced team of marketers with significant education experience.

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Not for profit

The Education Agency is committed to reinvesting profits back into the education sector, our chosen charity for this year is Brake - The Road Safety Charity

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We work with people from a variety of roles in schools and colleges, each one with a different requirement. Request a meeting with us so we can provide a tailored solution to the specific needs within your job role.