Your logo represents your school and must reflect your values. It’s also vital that it has maximum visual impact and is instantly recognisable to generate engagement with potential students, parents and stakeholders. It must be memorable for all the right reasons and inspire trust in your audience. As a leading education marketing agency, we ensure the logos we create achieve this every time.

Understanding your brand, audience, and what your school represents is key before the design process begins. Without truly understanding these factors your logo won’t instantly covey your school ethos or appeal to your audience.

The Education Agency has created and evolved many school brands, from refreshing an existing logo to taking them through a complete rebrand process. Changing your logo and branding can have a massive impact on your school, so we work closely with them to ensure these represent their values and enable them to stand out in a competitive environment.

Talk to us today about how to achieve the best image for your school and access our online resources which will give you expert support with your school brand.

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We have worked with many schools offering design support on a logo that is on brand and visually appealing that builds trust with the audience.

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The Education Agency is proud to deliver downloadable marketing guides to schools and colleges that boast a wide range of subjects. We offer you expert marketing advice and support to maximise communications and deliver return on investment.

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