Lead Management

The pool of prospective students for your school or college is becoming increasingly difficult to reach out to and engage with.

Coupled with increased competitive activity, your marketing strategy needs to work extremely hard to deliver an effective return on investment.

Using proven models of best practice, we can help you capture your prospective enquiries, focus on the most relevant for your school and provide a process that tracks what marketing activities are working best for your school or college.

By working with The Education Agency we will support you with:

1.     Identifying your ideal lead

2.     Creating targeted content to engage with leads

3.     Align your marketing and student liaison teams

4.     Keep leads interested in your school

5.     Provide a marketing software solution

6.     Maintain a clean marketing database

7.     Establish feedback options to track conversion rates

Discover our resources which have been written by our team of industry experts to give you everything you need to understand those all-important audience demographics.




Discover what The Education Agency can deliver for your school.

Understanding your audience’s behaviour will enable your school to reach out effectively through marketing campaigns.

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Useful Resources

The Education Agency is proud to deliver downloadable marketing guides to schools and colleges that boast a wide range of subjects. We offer you expert marketing advice and support to maximise communications and deliver return on investment.

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