Crisis Management

Things don’t always go to plan.

A crisis cannot be predicted but does need a structured response. Preparation and a lightning-quick sincere response in the face of a crisis can mean the difference between a school’s reputation remaining in-tact, or not.

We can work with your school’s senior leadership team to manage and mitigate damage to your brand.

We’ll help you identify and appoint crises spokespeople, create and publicise your internal crisis communication plan before it’s needed, and prepare you with holding statements.

We have put together our blogs and how to guides to provide support from an experienced team that has worked with many different clients across the education sector. Our resources give your school the information you need to deal with a marketing crisis.

Or if you want your school or college to be proactive and plan for worse-case scenarios, contact The Education Agency for a discrete, confidential discussion about your needs.

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Conveying the correct message across is vital for your school’s trustworthy reputation.

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Useful Resources

The Education Agency is proud to deliver downloadable marketing guides to schools and colleges that boast a wide range of subjects. We offer you expert marketing advice and support to maximise communications and deliver return on investment.

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