Brand Design

Having a professional and modern brand is crucial.

Your brand reflects your school and conveys what makes it unique. Does your brand say you’re a professional high achieving school? The Education Agency can provide you with expert advice on brand guidelines, impact and consistency.

The needs of every school is different. With our bespoke marketing packages we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Your may have a professional logo and style guide in place, but your website may feel dated and is failing to provide the modern mobile-friendly experience parents and students now expect. Over the years you may have accumulated a range of printed materials with different designs, colour schemes and of varying quality which are watering down your school brand through a lack of consistency in your communications.

The Education Agency will work with you to create a suite of marketing materials using innovative and professional designs which will portray your school values and create a lasting first impression. Once your school brand is developed, we can provide advice on how to manage the integrity of your brand.

Don’t forget we offer a full range of marketing resources to give you expert support managing your brand which engages with your audience.

Discover what The Education Agency can deliver for your school.

We strive to help your school flourish and stay ahead with the changing needs of your audience. We have worked with many schools to develop a brand which has a visual impact whilst also communicating their key values.

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Useful Resources

The Education Agency is proud to deliver downloadable marketing guides to schools and colleges that boast a wide range of subjects. We offer you expert marketing advice and support to maximise communications and deliver return on investment.

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