Pooch parade donations spark puppy love

When a big pair of brown eyes catch yours you can’t walk away, and the Collie in the corner kennel had us in his tractor beam!


Our trip to the City Dogs Home based in Bucknall really tore at our heartstrings, and we were delighted to be able to hand over a whole heap of lovely doggy food and treats donated by our Pooch Parade walkers.

The Pooch Paraders braved the elements in March for a walk around the Lyme Valley Park in Newcastle to support The City Dogs Home, which has rescued and rehomed hundreds of dogs over the 30 years since it opened.

Our visit revealed that thankfully, the kennels weren’t fit to bursting, but the residents of all breeds and sizes were such absolutely beautiful loving potential pets that it took all our self-control not to fill the car and bring back a new office playmate – or five!

The City Dogs Home relies on support and donations from members of the public, so if you can’t give a dog a home then why not see if you can hunt out any of the following to help them and drop by:

  • Bedding and sheets (but nothing with stuffing inside)
  • Dry and tinned food for small and large dogs
  • Tough toys to entertain the pooches
  • Doggie treats

For more information about The City Dogs Home and to make a donation call 01782 304130 or email citydogshomes@gmail.com.