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What is the best type of marketing for schools?

Every school we work with is completely unique this can be due to a number of factors such as location, type of school or values. When diagnosing what's the best marketing solution for your school you must first identify your objectives, whether that be increasing enrolment or furthering your school's reach in the local community, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Understanding and gaining that all important insight into your audience is the first step to diagnosing the best solution for your school.

Why should I market my school with an agency?

Working with The Education Agency will give you support from a team with significant industry expertise. Many of our clients who are in a leadership role didn’t realise the level of strategy, planning and time that goes into marketing therefore working with an agency has given them that insight. This has allowed schools to understand which campaigns will generate the most success and also enabled them to receive the right help for their school’s brand. Our resources give schools everything they need to become more profitable, attract students and forge better community relationships.

Lots of websites offer marketing advice for free – why should I pay?

The Education Agency offers your school a free package which will get you started on a strong marketing strategy which is much more detailed than most websites. You can then decide if you want to pay for a subscription which gives you access to more in depth marketing resources. Another reason is convenience. With The Education Agency you are safe in the knowledge that you can trust our skills and you have everything you need in one place, saving you the burden of searching for help and not knowing if you can trust the information. Every single resource available has been put together by marketers who have increased enrolment figures up and down the country, our case studies speak for themselves. We also offer you a support whenever you need it, call us for a chat or drop us an email and our friendly team will always be happy to help.

I don’t know what my school needs to increase enrolment?

Every school is different and may need a different approach. If your goal is increasing enrolment the first step is understanding your audience's behavior and the best way to appeal to them. The Education Agency has extensive experience in increasing enrolment for schools through planning, researching and then diagnosing the best solution. We have thoroughly planned out marketing guides for getting to know your audience. You can then go on to plan the best marketing campaigns in our resources section. Aside from our expert resources we also offer bespoke solutions for schools, get in contact with us where we can work closely with your school to decide the best option for increasing enrolment and generating more reach to your audience. We will identify gaps in the market and plan what your school needs to stand out to potential students. Call us today on 03301070190

How would I measure results?

The most crucial step is to set your school measurable targets and timings of what you want campaigns to achieve. Analytics of your social media accounts and website give you a greater insight into your audience's behaviour and if you are generating engagement. Using a tracking phone number can also help you to measure your success by showing how interest you are generating through different mediums. Measure clickthrough rates from e-shots to provide you that all important information. The Education Agency can offer you support in all of these solutions as well as experienced marketing solutions. Call us today on 03301070190

How do I determine what my marketing budget should be ?

The best way is to think of student enrolment as currency. Consider your ROI. If you used funds which have been generated from 1 student enrolling and invest it into marketing, you could see 5 more students enrol, which is a massive return on investment. Marketing your school to increase enrolment is not a cost, it is an investment. When working with The Education Agency you are safe in the knowledge that your investment is being used wisely as you are receiving an expert understanding and support from an experienced and professional agency that has delivered targets for many clients in the education sector. There no right or wrong answer on what schools should spend on marketing, it depends on many factors such as size, enrolment capacity and what your school delivers for students. Analysing your current platforms and understanding where you can improve is the first step when determining how much you want to invest. Our resources offer expert advice on this or call us today on 03301070190 to talk through your requirements.

I already have an internal marketing team can you still help my school?

Yes, is the short answer. We specialise in offering schools resource packages with support and help guides which can deliver much-needed support for a school marketing team who perhaps need a fresh perspective or who are time-poor. Receiving support from an agency gives school marketers many benefits such as convenience. Having an online account with us enables them to log in at any time to find help, using our builders, on any subject they need extra support in.

How long will it take to see results?

Setting your goals is the first step so you can measure effectiveness over a period of time and it will also determine how long it will take to achieve each objective. Marketing is an investment and advertising success and brand development could take time. There is a lot of strategic planning that goes into a solid marketing strategy. Any agency guaranteeing quick results is not listening and understanding what your school needs, they are not creating you a bespoke solution which is so important for creating trust between brand and audience. Agencies that promise fast results are usually recycling the same marketing plan throughout different schools which can become a waste of your marketing budget. For more information call us today on 03301070190

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