How does my branding portray my schools image to potential students and parents?

Your schools brand is more than just a logo. Every newsletter, email, letter you send out is communicating your school’s message and cementing your reputation to students, parents and members of the community. It’s crucial of your brand to stay consistent in every piece of material that reaches your audience, so you remain a trustworthy brand.

The importance of getting it right

 In today’s digital world, the traditional means of parents and students going to view schools such as having a meeting with teachers are fading out. Gaining information from how a school presents itself online or in print develops their impressions of the school straightaway which is why it’s so important to get your branding right. Image is everything and schools need to effectively use their brand identity to portray their message and with their audience. Having an image that reflects your bespoke values and isn’t generic to every other school, pulls in engagement and puts you ahead of the competition.

 Consistency is key

To create a consistent and professional brand, first you must understand your school’s values, beliefs, story and what makes you unique. Your brand must portray these factors with an impactful visual style to create a trustworthy reputation with your audience and build that all important relationship with them. Capturing your school’s story within your brand will create excitement whilst also showing your school as inspiring and honest, which is a memorable trait. A consistent and reliable brand will also pull in support from the local community which is crucial for increasing funding and also PR opportunities.


Build recognition

 Once you know your school inside out and know what messages you want to communicate it’s important to design a professional and visually appealing brand that flows through every one of your platforms. Deciding your colour pallet isn’t about showcasing your favourite colour, it needs to represent your school’s values and deliver positive messages to your audience. such as using gold to reflect ‘Gold standard education’. Using the correct typography and imagery will also suggest you are a forward-thinking brand. All of these crucial design features will create the first impression for your school before potential students have even stepped through the door so it’s important that they connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Start your school branding journey

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